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why a truth vail business owner says -- fruitvale business owner says new security cameras will help deter crime. homeless on moving day. a family forces -- a fire forces a family out just as they plan to move in. how the astronauts will reach out and connect with the public today. wi-fi on the rails. there is a new way to stay connected while you commute. the morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to friday, july 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's start with steve paulson who has the weather forecast. how does it look? >> it looks mostly cloudy. temperatures continue to be way
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below average. the low is even up in the north bay checking in with mid to upper 40s which is really cool. after the fog burns back it takes its sweet time. 50s and 60s and still low to mid 70s for many which should be much warmer than these forecasted highs. here is tara. >> thanks. this is a look at highway four through bay point it's getting more congested there on the bottom portion of your screen westbound as you make your way toward concord. finally we head down it looks a bit dark out there. things are starting to lighten up and no traffic delays to report. 6:01 let's head back to the desk. topping our news this morning the city of oakland formerly law clerks a new campaign to fight crime. ktvu kraig debro joins us to talk about fruitvale's plan to be blanketed with crime cameras. >> reporter: it all started last april at this business here. the business is just opening
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right now. a local business owner reacting to the news that new surveillance cameras are set to be put in. last april that popular member was shot to death. a friend who was supposed to be there just spoke with us. ramon not only knows the sick temperature he says he was supposed to help him open the store that day but overslept. pena's mexican bakery is just down the street. he says he believes cameras will act as a deopportunity. he says people will think twice. he says around here there was a feel that no one was safe. >> if someone can get robbed and killed someone that is not as popular here it could happen to him. we just go one day at a time and see what happens. >> reporter: on april 8th two men robbed and killed jesus campos. campos had just been robbed of
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$35,000 two weeks before his death. there is a description of the killers but no suspects are in custody. today later today the mayor will announce a deal that will replace 30 cameras inside and outside of businesses. the cameras will go to businesses that couldn't afford them. the money comes from the redevelopment agency fund. cooling up we will try to talk -- coming up we will try to talk to the woman that run's this business now. campos' wife runs the business now. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. time now 6:03. a family that had just moved into the new oakland home may soon have a find another place to live. an overnight fire badly damaged their new victorian home. the fire started shortly after 10:00 p.m.. firefighters got it under control in a couple minutes but not before a lot of damage was done. >> people were moving in to the second floor today. today was move in day.
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we have displaced the first floor residence in a secondary unit. >> one person was treated for smoke inhalation. the investigation into the cause continues. mean-time dozens of people are homeless after an apartment fire in strength. this started late yesterday afternoon on euclid avenue in the city's laurel heights neighborhood. dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene. they were out there for several hours. luckily no one was hurt. that fire caused a lot of damage. there is one report that a plumber accidentally started the fire while using a torch to fix a leak in his bathroom. community groups are coming together in san jose to today to protest the city's decision to bring two immigration agents into the police force. the ice agents are part of a homeland security program called operation community shield. chief chris moore says the agents are helping fight gangs. but critics say the agents will harass the immigrant community. a news conference is scheduled
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for 11:00 at headquarters for sacred heart community service. a march will be held in san francisco this evening supporting prison inmates on a hunger strike. the vigil was held outside in oakland yesterday in support of the prisoners at pelican bay that started the strike two weeks ago. just about 700 inmates from at least five prisons are now refusing their meals. they are calling for an end to isolation units. this is the largest coordinated prison protest in state history. time is 6:05. at 8:00 president obama will hold his second news conference of this week about raising the national debt ceiling. coming up at 6:15 we will get a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom and what the president told the congressional leaders to do after they wrapped up five days of talks. city workers in oakland are about to lose their jobs. it's all part of oakland's
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budget cuts. many getting layoff notices are workers that clean up public parks and cut down trees. the president obama will be budgeted for a 636 officers this year 588 next year. they are cutting back. starting in july 2012 the fire department will close two fire houses per day on a rotating basis. this morning it could be the final friday for the borders bookstore chain unless there is some kind of fairy tale ending. there are five bay area stores still open. the ones in vacaville, santa rosa, palo alto are all that survived the company's bankruptcy in february. now those stores could be shut down as well if a liquidator takes over the company as expected. the change in status -- if all the stores close it will also leave more shopping centers
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with empty stores and thousands of people without jobs. time now 6:06. the astronauts above the space shuttle atlantis and international space station will speak out today. ktvu jade hernandez is live at moffett field to tell us more about what is happening and the bay area connection with space. jade. >> reporter: that is right. we have learned today is a moving day for astronauts. we have also learned that we will get a chance to speak to those astronauts aboard the international space station. behind me is a huge screen with live happenings in space and johnston's space center. you can see the press conference will be held live. that is the reason why we are here. the press conference is expected to be held at 6:24 this morning. a few minutes ago we heard from the senior advisor to the director here. he's also a historian. he gave us a unique perspective
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about the space mission. astronaut schedule is very varied. one day they are on the space walk the next day they are taking out the trash literal all. ktvu was one of only four television stations across the country which discussed this mission with the astronauts live. this is a unique moment. one of the ten members aboard the atlantis happens to be a home-town boy. mission specialist rex walheim. specialist walheim will be part of that unique press conference held in space. what are astronauts going to talk about? >> i think they will talk about how exciting it was to go up. i think the astronauts have always thought and i heard them say that going up is really, really a kick in the pants if
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you will. >> reporter: the press conference is scheduled for 6:24. these are live pictures this morning on the big screen. we are live at moffett field and we are going to listen if on the press conference maybe ask a few questions and we'll have more for you at 6:45. reporting live jade hernandez. commuters in the south bay who use the valley transportation authorities light rail system can stay connected on the go. the vta says free 4g wi-fi is now available on all of its light rail trains. the transit agency has been testing the service for about a week and it plans to expand the wi-fi service to its express buses by early next year. >> a lot of people will like that. let's get you going out the door. tara, how is the bay bridge toll plaza look something >> the metering lights usually go on within next 20 minutes. there is only a slight back up in the cash only lanes. right now this is a live look. you can see it's not too bad as
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you make your way into san francisco. in marin county this is a live look at 101 near the 580 split. and in the east bay traffic in antioch on the bottom portion of your screen heading westbound to pleasant hill is getting a little congested but no delays. 6:09d let's check in with steve. thank you very much. a very happy friday to you all. what a cool week last week it was sunny and warm and hot. this week its has been cool below normal temperatures. if you don't have the over-- petaluma 44 degrees. that is a chill in the morning air. kenwood is 45. mill valley 46. napa this is closer to town 48. i said there has to be somebody else on the peninsula or east bay. morgan hill at 49. a lot of 50s everywhere else tuesday due to the cloud cover.
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that has been with us all week long. it keeps getting reenforced. 49 up in santa rosa. 53 napa airport. 52 san rafael. a lot of mid 50s. west, southwest 15 at fairfield. no change there. west 10 at west sfo. one system ejects out. that means no change for our weather really. as we go into the weekend there could be slight earning. low overcast and then clearing and breezy. it stays cool. temperatures too far below average inland. good 50-degree. on the coast 5-10. 77 morgan hill. 72 santa clara. 60s for many on the peninsula. cool is the rule. take us into the weekend and one more dip on & and -- on
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monday and a little bit warmer next week. our first look at whitey bulger's big stash and the secret spot where he kept it hidden. is google changing the way your brain works? what new research is saying.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's now 6:14 and google changing our brains?
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columbia university researchers say we may no be remembering as many facts as we used to because we know we can get that from the internet. they call it the google effect. psychologists say we are capable of remembering things that are not easily found online and our brains are more likely to remember where to find things. but they add that explains why some people feel a great loss when their internet connection goes down. today president obama will meet with ruby bridges at the white house. bridges became the first african american child to attend an all white elementary school in new orleans. this norman rock well painting shows bridges on her way to school escorted by federal marshals. ruby bridges now 56 years old still lives in new orleans. she travels to schools around the country telling her story to children. right now democrats and republicans in congress are meeting behind closed doors
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separately though. ktvu alison burns reports president obama told the congressional lead evers regroup with your parties about a deal about raising the national debt limit. >> reporter: that is right. talks are off at the white house today while democratic and republican leaders meet with their rank and file to see what kind of deal they will accept and what they won't. in an interview with ktvu scott mcfarland president obama indicated he is willing to make significant budget cuts. >> we can make some cuts to programs that don't work anymore, but we've got to make sure we are still funding education. >> reporter: the talks are deadlocked over the size of the cuts and whether the deal will include tax increases. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. senate leaders are working out the details of minority leader mitch mcconnell that will allow president obama to raise the cut ceiling and pave the way
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for cuts. and the recommendations would be subject to an up or down votes in the house and senate. republicans seem to leak that idea. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. the city of san francisco is threatening to file a lawsuit over the san bruno pipeline explosion. city attorney dennis says state and federal agencies failed to regulate pg&e before last years explosion in san bruno. he says the failures put the public at risk. he sent a letter to the state public ewe tills commission and the federal government's pipeline staffty administration which is seen as a precursor to a lawsuit. pg&e will have to make changes as a result of that deadly pipeline explosion. it's now required to give local fire departments maps of its pipeline system. it also has to provide
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inspection records. the requirement comes after a report on the deadly explosion found that local fire departments did not know exactly where the pipeline was or how to shut off the flow of natural gas. a horrible crash in san francisco last night sent one driver to the hospital. now a witness tells us this car was speeding down twin peaks boulevard before 9:00 last night and smashed into several parked cars and then it crashed into the garage of the house. the condition of the driver is not known right now. police now say this week's high-speed chase in the east bay is tied to a major drug bust. yesterday officers showed off some o of the drugs and cash seized in the ray of arrest of seven people. they recovered $200,000 in cash by long -- richmond police say
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they chased one man. believed to have been a major player in the drug deal. the chase ended when 19-year- old miguel plowed into four cars and a ktvu reporter took the pictures of the crash. 6:18. alleged mob boss remains behind bars in boston. right now we are getting look a look at the cash and guns in the apartment. the nib released these new foe photos. you can see almost three dozen weapons seize in the apartment he lived in for several years. whitey bulger used mirrors to cover up the holes in the walls where he was hiding the money. 6:19 is the time. i want to check in with tara who is in for sal. she says it's foggy in san
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francisco. >> that is right. we can't show you a live picture from our camera. we can show you the bay bridge. a bit of a backup at the toll plaza. it has gotten worse over the past 15 minutes. further south on the san mateo bridge looking good. it's a little hazy out there but not close to foggy compared to san francisco. 280 at the 880 split still good no delays. here is steve. thank you. a very happy friday morning to everybody. what you just heard and saw we have a continuation of this pattern. low clouds and fog. temperatures very cool. global cooling has not kicked into the bay area. it's just our turn to be cool while the heat is in the middle of the country. 50s and 60s die due to the fog. mayly the cloud coffer keeps 50s -- mainly the cloud cover
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keeps 50s everywhere else. here comes one dropping down from the gulf of alaska. fog, low clouds, sun. breezy to windy. afternoon highs are on the cooler side. in fact, they are good 15 degrees below average for some. i don't really see much change into early next week. a little warmer inland as we head toward tuesday and wednesday. thank you, steve. in the last half hour the government reports the overall cost of living dropped last month. most of it came from a drop in gas prices. when you take out the volatile food and energy prices they actually jumped three tenths of a percent. that puts the annual increase for consumer prices at 3.6%. a new poll shows two-thirds of americans use their debt cards more often than therapy credit cards while shopping. that could change if they were charged for that convenience. 61% of debt card users say if they were charged as little as $3 a month they would find
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another way to pay. if the fee was $7 more 80% would not use their debt cards. time now you have 21 it's the spell of harry potter. thousands lining up all over the bay area for one final adventure with the young wizard. an incident at a busy boston area port. why two planes will not be flying today. this is a look at the golden gate bridge. traffic flowing well into the city.
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here is a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. not too much traffic out there this morning. a very beautiful shot if you are making your way into marin or over into the richmond area. 6:25 let's head back to the desk. two planes are grounded at boston's logan airport this morning after they collided on the tarmac. the delta plane clipped the tail of an atlantic southeast airlines commuter jet. both planes were getting ready to take off. the planes passengers were put on other flights. one person did complain of neck pain but no one else was
6:26 am
injured. san jose police are investigating a fraud scheme targeting the vietnamese community. the owner of the defunked asia travel and tours promised to purchase care line tickets for his victims but instead pocketed the money. victims were left stranded after showing up at the airport. police don't know where the suspect is but they are seeking an arrest warrant and there could be more victims out there. 6:25. for thousands of devoted harry potter fans in the bay area this morning is the end of an era. the fans turned out in full wizardry galea. the first book you know in the series was published in e.g. land in 1997 but that triggered a world-wide phenomenon and influenced a generation that grew up with harry, ron, and hermione. >> the muggle world is out there and we are the wizards.
6:27 am
>> there are a lot of things in the book about friendship and love and how good verses evil. >> some of the hard core fans say it will be hard to live in a world where there is no harry potter story to look forward to but there is a growing online community where writers are adding their own versions of what happens next to the characters after they graduate from wizard school. even if you don't have a dog, you can help pacifica build a world class dog park by using your commuter. pacifica is one of 15 finalists in a national contest that will award a new dog park for one city. the video was produced by pacifica for the online competition. the winner of the pet safe bark for your park event will get $100,000 for construction costs. you can vote for pacifica by
6:28 am
visiting our website and control down to web links. z today oakland unvails its latest plan to fight crime. the new electronic eyes focused on the city's biggest trouble spots. in a couple hours the man accuse the of stealing a picasso in san francisco will be in court. but he's not just in trouble here. we'll tell you what we have been learning about this man and his troubles back east. we go live to the opening bell to find out why it could be an interesting day for the stock market. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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school takes a lot. target has it all. there it is the opening bell live in new york this morning. could be an interesting day today. we have a lot of earnings coming in. google and city group posting very good ordinary reason earning -- earnings especially google. clorox up for sale.
6:31 am
we know who would like to buy the bay area based company. we will talk about that coming up in business. >> that is a big deal. we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news friday, july 15th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news for you light now at 9:00 this morning the man accused of walking off with a picasso drawing will appear in court. ktvu claudine wong live now with a preview about all of this and to tell us about what the suspect is also connected to. claudine. >> reporter: certainly we are learning more, dave, this morning about 30-year-old mark lugo. he is expected to be in court at 9:00 this morning at the hall of justice. a lot of people want to talk to him. it's not just authorities here. he's not just accused of stealing a picasso in san francisco he's also accused of stealing art and wine in new jersey. leaving a san francisco art
6:32 am
gallery allegedly with a $200,000 picasso drawing. he was arrested but the story made his way out to new jersey. the police there got video of him from san francisco and then realized they have the same guy. that lead to the raid of his home. we also learned this morning he's also wanted for a case in township where he apparently is accused of stealing wine from a liquor store. a couple of bottles valued at $2,000 a pop. so a lot on his we have looked at surveillance video from one of the n cases of him walking out of that liquor store. we'll have that coming up. we have also been talking to police and hope to hear from them later as well. so a lot on his plate. first things first he's got the court appearance with the
6:33 am
picassos up here in san francisco. live in san francisco claudine wong. new this morning oakland police are looking for suspects in two armed robberies. both crimes happened overnight. investigators say a woman was robbed at gunpoint on fifth avenue and a gunman held up two people on 22nd avenue. no one was hurt. still not clear if the two armed robberies are connected. oakland's campaign against crime shifts to the fruitvale district. kraig debro tells us the city is installing dozens of crime cameras to keep an eye on the areas trouble spots. >> reporter: that is set to happen later today. it's all because of what happened at this restaurant back on april 8th. back then the business owner was shot down and gunned down. a half hour ago we spoke to a local business owner that works down the street. he's a friend that was supposed
6:34 am
to be there that morning. he spoke with us a few minutes ago. ramon not only knows the victim in last april's homicide. he was supposed to be helping him open the -- pena's mexican bakery is a few days down the street. pena believes cameras will work as a deterrent but after at april has there was a feeling nobody was safe. but he says cameras are giving people new optimism. >> i hope he does. i hope he does. once they see themselves on camera and stuff. i think they will think about twice. >> reporter: on april #th two men robbed and killed jesus campos. according to a friend campos just had been robbed of $35,000 two weeks before his death. later today the mayor will be among those announcing a deal that will place 30 cameras
6:35 am
inside and outside businesses in the fruitvale districts. it will go to businesses that can no longer afford them. the money will be coming from a redevelopment agency. $35,000 worth of it. we have not been able to reach the aclu this morning. they had reaction to that in a public report. coming up we will have a reaction from ason-in-law that was killed here earlier this year. time now 6:34. 90 minutes from right now volunteers will search for missing nursing student michelle le. she was last seen seven weeks ago at kizer hospital in hayward. her family has had several search parties since then. a reward offered in the case now stands at $100,000. a public funeral service will be held this afternoon for a teenager from santa rosa.
6:36 am
14-year-old takami died from alcohol poisoning. police say she had been drinking vodka at a slumber party at her home. friends and family be if gathering in santa rosa. the services begin at 2:00 p.m.. we know more about that body found in the water near a san jose golf course. a fisherman made the discovery on wednesday. police now say the man was not a victim of foul play although they are still not sure how he died. they also say the body is significantly decomposed which will make the identification process more difficult. time now 6:36. more fallout from rupert murdoch's news corporation. the head of the british division resigned. rebecca brooks is the one that ran news of the world. also this morning james murdoch the son of rupert murdoch is
6:37 am
speaking out about this scandal. they plan on running apologies in newspapers all across britain. this just in. more than 30 nations including the united states have decided to formerly recognize libya's main opposition group as the country's legitimate government. secretary of state hillary clinton is representing the united states at talks in turkey. in a statement today they declared moammar gadhafi has no legitimate authority in libya. diplomatic recognition of the opposition means the u.s. will be able to fund the rebels with some of the more than $30 billion in gadhafi regime assets that are frozen in american banks. we are now learning about an attack plan. osama bin laden was working on when he was killed in pakistan. coming up the messages bin laden was exchanging with a senior al qaeda member about an attack. your time is 6:37. california is now the first
6:38 am
state in america to require public schools to add the studies of contributions made by gay citizens. governor jerry brown signed this landmark legislation yesterday. beginning in 2015 social study classes will have to include curriculum about the contributions of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. the conservative group says parents rights are being trampled here. they are urging parents to remove their children from public schools. 6:38 is the time right now. we thrown is a back up the at toll plaza. what is going on? >> it is gridlock. the metering lights went on five minutes ago. traffic is inching along. so give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get to the city. look at how far that backup extends. otherwise you will be sitting in it for some time.
6:39 am
let's go to 680 in fremont. cars on the right hand side are southbound as you drive toward san jose no delays. finally highway 24 near lafayette really kind of light for your friday. that is good news. 6:38 here is steve. thank you very much, tara. sunrise over the big city. unless you have a big fog bank and then you can't see the fog bank. i have to mention there were records set in california yesterday for the coolest high temperatures ever. fresno was only 85 degrees. 85 and that was the coolest high reading -- hold on. beating the old mark in 1920. i mean if fresno is not hitting 90 in july that tells you how cool it is for us. temperatures stay on the cool side. today low overcast. some areas already get the sun. it will be breezy and below average on the temps. and than sunny breezy to windy. no, ma'am change until maybe middle of next week slight
6:40 am
warming around tuesday and wednesday. temperatures are not only the high temps on the cool side the lows are cool. petaluma 44. kenwood 45. mil valley 46. napa 48. morgan hill at 49 degrees. we are stuck in this pattern. the fog works its way in. upper 40s for santa rosa. san rafael 52. san jose at 56. the west wind or west southwest wind continues out to sacramento. look at what is coming down from the gulf of alaska. it will take its place and the beat goes on. i don't see much change here. low overcast gives way to sunshine then it's cool to breezy to windy. windy around the bay and into the delta. 60s and 70s and that is it. 68 san rafael. 72 walnut creek.
6:41 am
livermore 68. 77 morgan hill or 78 gilroy that is cool. very cool. san bruno 64. 250s and -- 50s and 60s on the coast. time now 6:40. a casey anthony court hearing now on hold. what the judge announced just a short time ago delaying the hearing. we have been talking live with the astronauts at the international space station. there is a bay area connection on board. 101 near san jose traffic on the right hand side no delays to speak of. we will show you more hot spots coming up.
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here's a quick look at the top stories we are following for you right now. new crime cameras will blanket oakland fruitvale district. 30 high definition cameras placed by the police are being installed there to keep a watchful eye on the trouble spots. at least two oakland families are out of homes this morning. after a late night fire. it started just after 10:00 last night at 18th avenue and foothill boulevard. the flames raced through this victorian home that has been split up into several units. firefighters got it under control in a coup minutes. at 8:00 this morning president obama has called a
6:45 am
news conference to give us an update on the national debt ceiling negotiations after five days of really tense talks the president told congressional leaders go talk to your members and get back to him. there is an unscheduled bit of business on the space shuttle atlantis. they will look for what caused one of the five main computers to fail yesterday. the problem happened while the crew was asleep. nasa had to give the crew an unexpected wakeup call. one determined there was no immediate safety concern. they were allowed to go back to sleep. nasa is holding a live press conference. it's being broadcasted here in the bay area. jade hernandez is at moffett field this morning. you were able to speak to the astronauts. >> that is right. this is a very unique talk back. it began at 6:24. you can see behind me the astronauts all lined up. reporters from all over have
6:46 am
been asking questions. moments ago we heard from mission specialist rex walheim. a bay area native. let's hear what he had to say about being part of nasa's last shuttle. >> just savoring every minute of floating in space. once in awhile when you are on atlantis at the end of the day you look around the mid deck and think about the guys and women that were there before you and think this is the last flight. it does cross your mind. >> specialist rex walheim is part of moving day today. the last mission is to take supplies up to the space station. enough supplies that would last a year or so. today we had a unique opportunity to hear from astronauts and hear what they had to say about the future of space exploration and handful of experts the crew took up to space. it started with question from the johnston's space center and the houston space center.
6:47 am
our questions are expected to be up in a few minutes. we will have more from moffett field during mornings on 2. you will hear from the future of human space flight. since so many have said this feels like the end of space travel as we know it. you will hear from the astronauts that really don't feel the same way. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. 6:46. new this morning a real surprise development in florida where a court hearing for a woman suing casey anthony ended abruptly. the judge announced he's removing himself from the case. the judge jose rodriguez gave no explanation but said another judge would take over this defamation case. gonzalez claims that casey anthony who was on trial killing her daughter ruined her reputation by giving police her name. lawyers for miss gonzalez want to force casey anthony to sit for questioning before she's allowed to go free on sunday.
6:48 am
we now know what osama bin laden was planning to do before he was killed attack the u.s. on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. that is according to information the navy seals seized from bin laden's compound in pakistan. reportedly the plans were still being formed. it includes exchanges between ben lad an and operations chief where they discussed names of possible attack team members. 6:47. major freeway shut down is hours away in los angeles. they call it carmageddon. there is a reason for that. starting at midnight the 405 freeway will completely shut down for 53 hours so construction crews can tear down a bridge. now that leaves a big chunk of the 405 it's all to make room for an hov lane. half a million drivers use that 405 on a typical july weekend.
6:49 am
closing that would have a ripple effect. it's expected to be a traffic nightmare that you can't even describe. >> you know i have family down south. my center said the dollar stores that say i survived carmageddon. >> i used to ride through there a lot. my heart goes out to them. >> definitely. as we check in with tara this is vacation. a lot of people up north head down south. >> you better be aware. i wouldn't even drive down there at all. i would definitely fly. the 405 on any given friday is a complete nightmare. i have gotten it for five or six hours to go one hour away. right now we will talk about traffic in the bay area. this is a look at 101. if you are heading to the airport give yourself extra time. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's bumper to bumper all the way back to the mccarthur maze
6:50 am
those metering lights are on. finally highway 4 is getting a lots more congested. the cars really slowing down there westbound as you drive toward concord. here is steve. thank you very much. a very happy friday everybody. low clouds. now we saw some sun out there bay point. some areas get the sun. a very similar to what we had yesterday. it's still going to be cool even with the sun the breeze kicks up its heels. but record temps record low maximum temperatures throughout much of california from bakers field and all the way down to palm springs. palm springs only 96 yesterday. mountain view normal high this time of year closer to home. 78 today. oakland 72. the city 68. today they will be lucky to break 60. we are stuck in this pattern. low pressure continues to work its way into the pacific north west. one moves out and another one moves back in. if you don't have any fog, it's
6:51 am
cool some mid 40s upper 40s in the north bay. petaluma at 45. mill valley at 46-47. 55 concord livermore and fairfield. next one is dropping. you see. that will take the place of the one. keep the pattern in place. so fog, sun, breezy to windy. staying cool. a little bit stronger wind over the bay. the sea breeze is not going anywhere. it's there. 50s and 60s and 70s. way below average. good 15 for some that are way inland. i don't see much change of anything. just a slight warm up inlapped. a quick cool down monday before we can warm it up again by the middle of next week. billionaire investigator carl icon wants to buy clorox and take it off wall street. clorox has $5 billion a year in
6:52 am
annual revenue. executives say they are reviewing the proposals. icon's offer is a 12% premium over yesterday's closing price. sales of video game software, hardware, dropped 10%. even the two best selling games didn't meet forecast. it's second straight month of sales declines. mostly because there are no block buster new games being released. time now 6:52. these are nervous times with growing rates in the bay area. how the climate change is putting napa wine makers to the test. a serious bacteria at a las vegas ho tell. here's a look at 101 through san rafael. looking a little bit slow. we will show you another area that is usually congested at this hour. zñzñzñtgtgçwoç'c'cz
6:53 am
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man on radio: mission is a go. you are good to go. so, have you made your decision yet? yeah, i think so. this year, more than 27,000 children will be diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. their wishes are waiting to come true. you can make it happen. find out how today at [ flippers slapping
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. good morning, to you. welcome back. thousands of hotel guests may have been exposed to a bacteria that could cause allee gent airs disease. the hotels water supply contained high levels of the bacteria between june 21st and
6:56 am
july 4th. so far no sicknesses have been reported. however, six people that stayed at area did contract that disease. the hotel has sent letters to all the guests warning them of possible exposure. san carlos is taking a look at banning plastic bags. they considered outlawing plastic bags but put it on hold. the state supreme court threw out that lawsuit it also ruled cities don't need to do a full environmental impact report before imposing a ban. actress helen merin is showing off in esquire magazine. she appears draped only in a union flag. she was named sexiest woman by the age of 65. she won the oscar for her portrayal of queen elizabeth. i love that a 65-year-old woman
6:57 am
is sexy. >> me too. tara is watching the commute. pretty light. >> i am. pretty on many of the roadways. it's not too bad of a morning. here is 280 at the 880 split traffic is a little bit heavy 280 northbound on the bottom portion of your screen. not too bad. all right at the bay bridge toll plaza it is congested here. the car pool lanes folks are flying through. it's beginning to pick up slightly it seems. those metering lights are on and we will want to give you an extra 15 minutes. it's not the case this morning. so you are looking good if you need to get around the oakland coliseum. 6:57 here is steve. thank you. friday it's cool and not much change in our pattern. temperatures continue to billion stuck. 50s 60s and 70s even with the sunshine it won't be warm. temperatures will be influenced
6:58 am
by a sables. we'll have your weekend forecast coming up on mornings on 2. coming up also on mornings on 2 police in one bay area city report a one-man crime wave. but now that suspect is pointing fingers. also accused of a crime that shocked the nation. a disturbing new development that involves the sacramento mother charged with killing her baby. stay right here with us.
6:59 am

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